Your Story, For God’s Glory

It’s been a wonderful journey these past years as I handle the Admin of Single Naija Mum. It’s been a privilege to have met, chatted and shared with a lot of single parents across the globe. I am humbled. Some experiences have brought me to tears and shared hugs to give hope to situations that you wouldn’t want another ear to hear. Yes, there are times you only wish to talk to one person cos you are choked up with keeping them all inside.

We all have our stories. Allow God who knows the end from the begin use your story for His glory today. I understand your pain, yes you, I really do, because I am either going through same right now or gone through one not too long ago. ‪

It hasn’t been easy because I have had to give up so many times but a few had encouraged me to go on. Today, I come to say see the fragile face behind this brand that is keeping you believing that we can’t give up on yourselves just because your story is different from how you had anticipated it or how society painted it to be. Thank you all for all your supports



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