No To Single Parenting

  • By Ritty
  • 21 April, 2017
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Single Parenting is a steep curve that needs all the patience you can muster to pave through each day. No To Single Parenting.

This must be understood in the context where a parent has no choice.
I am also fully aware that every child needs a father and a mother. But what most people fail to understand is the CAVEAT: every child needs a responsible mother and a responsible father.

Practical Responsibility is the key to good parenting.
I know of a close friend whose wife ran off with a lover, went to America, remarried and started another family. Congrats to them.

There are circumstances where single parenting will best suit the child that is so raised.
– when a parent is living under abuse, then, by all means, yes to single parenting.
– when one parent runs off with a new lover, yes to single parenting.
– when a woman decides that she is ready for a child but no suitable man as a partner or husband- father, then yes, to single parenting.
– when a parent seeks divorce over “irreconcilable differences,” Then yes to single Parenting.

– and generally, when a man wants to be a father, or a woman wants to be a mother without the “encumbrances” of a wife or husband, then yes to single parenting.

– when a man gets a woman pregnant and disappears and she decides NOT to do what 65 percent of women in her situation would do- abortion- then yes to single parenting. God bless her.

Single parenting means “a man or a woman doing the work of a mother and a father.” They should be applauded, not disparaged. We should celebrate single parents on mothers day and fathers day and we should NOT use this great platform to spread nonsensical shallow ideas for which primitives are known and are made popular amongst more ignorant folks.

Listen, if you reach 38, and no man is asking for your hand in marriage, don’t let your last boyfriend go like that- with or without his consent as long as he is doing without protection- get a child.
By so doing, you will not only be looking at someone beautiful to love and cherish you; you are not only looking at a child whom you are responsible for with great pleasure. My friend, you are looking at your pension. And in case you don’t know, I mean when you reach a certain age, when all those people you considered amongst “what would people say, ” no longer care about you, your child shall be there for you if you raised that child well.

When you reach 50 years, come back to me and say “Thank you Uncle Mike.” About the moral obligation, let me answer the moral question to God. Na me talk am. Remember, He is my friend. Lol.
And by the way, if you EVER COMMITTED abortion or paid for one as a man, and you are still so psychopathetically without conscience to say “No to single parenting,” as I command “ka nkita riforo gi nsi,” I also say, “no to murder of innocent children.” God bless. (MIU, April. 2017).

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