Single Naija Mums: Recipes For Sisterhood

snm women bonding 1 Single Naija Mums: Recipes For SisterhoodA few weeks back, as I continued on this journey of healing and bonding with other sisters ( Single Naija Mums), I met a lovely one – Oluyemisi Opaleye Ramos.  Today is her birthday. What better way to celebrate this lovely young lady than to talk about what I have come to learn as the recipe for sisterhood, friendship among women.

What are these recipes?

1. Similarity: Firstly, women look for other women who share their values and interests.

2. Complementary: Secondly, women seek to find some attributes in their friends that are different from, yet enhancing to, their own.

3. Reciprocity and mutual support: A woman wants to know that if she is sick, her friend will bring a meal for her family, and that she can reciprocate.

4. Compatibility: A woman needs to feel at ease around her friends so she can be herself.

5. Proximity: A friend needs to be accessible.  it helps if she lives close enough to make a phone call.

6. Role Model: A woman looks for a role model in her friendships.  she wants to become friends with woman she respects and whose examples she can follow.

As a Single Naija Mum, you will find out that you need at least one sister who finds herself as a single mum just as you have.  The circumstances might be difference but the status is the same. It is not like finding a sister exactly like you , no, rather find another mum who shares your values about going through the challenges of being a single mum in Nigeria. She might just have some attributes that complements your own.  What a relief!

How do you find this sister or sisters?

It is important to pray about this.  Yes.  From experience, it can crumble your world just to be betrayed just by the same sister you thought you have found in the first place. The bond of this particular friendship is very important and so praying about it is vital too. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He knows just the right women to bring our way.

God will not only bring them to you but also make you available to them too.  Its a friendship, a two-way relationship.  God has been this faithful to me in bringing my way, Oluyemisi Opaleye Ramos, IB, Che and some other beautiful women who have been there through the years.  I trust He is available today to do same for as many who are ready to ask Him to do this connection for them too.

In our world today, a lot might challenge you being as close as you would want to your sister/friend but not when you know its just a phone call away. Technologically, you can video chat and do so many other forms of communication that makes your world closer than it would have been.

So as we look forward to finding that sister who we would bond with in a relationship that will see us be there for each other as we go on this road as single naija mums, I hope these few recipes of sisterhood helps and guides us through the journey.


Have a great day


Happy birthdayOluyemisi Opaleye Ramos

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