Single Naija Mums As Mumprenuers

  • By Ritty
  • 7 March, 2017
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Mumpreneur Single Naija Mums As Mumprenuers


It is common to find Single Naija Mums being Mumpreneurs. A lot of us want to be there for our kids, at least until they are in secondary schools even at that age, it still not time to let go altogether.

So its quiet understandable when hustling is the word for most of us. Recently I have had a lot of request for extra stream of income ideas in my inbox. “Ritty, pls the bills are becoming too much”. I understand because I have been there too many times and its no joke. I am sure we will be posting some other legitimate sources of income on your Facebook, website and Instagram pages.

This is why yesterday was a big one as Dr Raphael James, Director General, Centre for Research, Information Management and Media (CRIMMD), which offers free skills at it Skill Acquisition Centre For Women , which runs from Mondays -Saturdays, @ 138, Ejigbo-Idimu Road, Idimu. Lagos.

He agrees that many Single Naija Mums will have a lot to gain if they take advantage of the free skills the Centre is offering to women across the state. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I pray more doors open to us in the nearest future.

Just as I was about to celebrate this, I got an inbox from a Single Naija Mum whose restaurant has been given notice not to make sales until she joins the association of food/restaurant owners in her area with the sum of N25,000 along with other materials before she would be allowed to sell. Her shop can be opened but she is not permitted to cook or attend to customers. The association has spies around. Now this is the second week and she is so broke as she cant raise that kind of money as she just paid the kids fees. ” what should I do? Should I change my line of business? Is it legal all that the association is asking of me?” I don’t have answers but I am going to find out.

I will appreciate any suggestions from you all as regards what best way for her to go about this.

Thank you.

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