Single Mums; Enjoy Your Kids

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  • 6 May, 2016
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Thank God it’s another fabulous Friday. Hope your week went less stressful than it usually is? Well, I realized that I am no Superwoman after all and my body can cry out from the stress of burying my dad and get back to work. So, how do I relax without feeling guilty of not hustling hard enough to meet up with bills?

I wish I can answer that. But again, single naija mums, yes, it’s possible to have fun with your kid and not feel guilty that you don’t have that time. The whole week long your kids were in school, you rushing in and out every other day. Please, take a break this weekend, like I intend to do and just ENJOY YOUR KIDS.

As a Single mum, you might say, “I really don’t feel like playing” or ” my life is basically turned upside down just because of this kid’s and finances are not just working out, everything is just a mess right now”. Well, that’s the more reason to add some fun and recreation into your life and that of your kid(s).

It doesn’t have to cost you much or anything at all. You heard me right. Single mums, you can take turn in singing your favourite songs while lazying on the couch. Cleaning the apartment together, sorting clothes for washing and getting your washing done together. Teaching your teenage daughter how to make your favourite breakfast. Watching a movie together while gusting in between how the whole week was for your kid in school. Placing calls to family members you haven’t spoken to in weeks or months.

You can even go to the movies together or a myriad of other things that you begin to build n bond together as a family, forget the stress you’ve been carrying around and begin to let laugher heal you from the inside out.

Play time doesn’t have to be expensive. I wish you all a lovely weekend.


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