Happy New Month Everyone!


new Happy New Month Everyone!

Happy New Month everyone!

Its been a long while now since I posted on my blog. Happy New Year to everyone.

For those who have been following on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/singlenaijamum), you have been having a little glimpse of my posting, also on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/Singlenaijamum) and Instagram, but I really do miss posting here.

I know you all must have been wondering what has kept me away for so long from here. Its been life. Life has happened and given me enough doses and humbled me in so many ways that words cannot put together. A New life. A New Perspective to life.

I am now and orphan! I had buried two of my family members in one year. The two of them died within six months. I was broken, devastated and depressed. No answers to so many questions that flowed my mind. Yes in all of this time i had to be strong for some within the family and others within the Single Naija Mum sisterhood.

I thank God for life as the best of gift ever. I appreciate family now more than ever. I value friends and friendship. I understand pain from a perspective that only makes me understand the Almightiness of God as the Giver of everything especially life.

Single Naija Mum has touched a lot single mums in the past few years and most recently our bond of Sisterhood has become larger and it keeps growing daily. A lot is coming up and they will be unveiled soonest.

Is there a place for Single Naija Dads too? I have been asked this too as single dads too want to “exhale” and heal from the hurts God direct me on this.

I have received emails from a lot of people who want to remain anonymous sharing their pains, hurts and experiences, we will be bringing this and more this New year. If you do have contributions and want us to publish, please feel free to contact us

Editor@Singlenaijamum.com or


Thank you so much for all the love.

God bless

Ritty xxx








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