How To Cut Down Potential Stress Level

You’ll face much less stress when you wake in the morning, if you’ve prepared for the day the night before! By laying out tomorrow’s outfit or fixing tomorrow’s lunch, you’ll … Continue Reading →

Easy Tips To Do It Yourself Pedicure

There are very important reasons why we give ourselves a pedicure. The first is to give your feet a threat, well pampered, deep cleansing g. Also to avoid being shy … Continue Reading →


Did you know this about Oatmeal?

Wellness Wednesday Health Tips: Did you know this about Oatmeal? Eating oatmeal at breakfast helps lower cholesterol and shed pounds? Oatmeal is a whole grain food that can help with … Continue Reading →


Diet Tips For Stomach Ulcers

Those suffering from stomach ulcers may have numerous dietary concerns. While this guide can help you determine what foods to eat and what foods to avoid when you have stomach … Continue Reading →

House of Tara

House of Tara to launch its 14th Studio in Lagos

Cosmetics brand, House of Tara has announced the official launch of its new luxury studio at the Centro Mall, Lekki, Lagos. The event is strictly by invitation. Date: Sunday 23rd … Continue Reading →

Control pants

Do You Know Your Control Pants Can Give You Heartburn;Back Problems, Varicose Veins And Even Killer Blood Clots.

How your control pants can give you heartburn…not to mention back problems, varicose veins and even killer blood clots. Doctors have linked shapewear to conditions such as deep-vein thrombosis, back … Continue Reading →

first aid kit

What should be in your first aid kit?

What was the last time you glanced through your first aid box at home? Oh, do you even have a first aid kit at home? First aid boxes are the … Continue Reading →

snm ginger

Ginger And Its Benefits

Ginger is one of the most ancient spices in worldwide cuisine. It has become well-known for its various health benefits, which include its ability to boost bone health, strengthen the … Continue Reading →

gaurapad deep sleep

Introducing Gaurapad Deep Sleep.

Introducing Gaurapad Deep Sleep. What is  Gaurapad Deep Sleep? It is our solution to restlessness and insomnia. Gaurapad Sleep is a 100% natural, rapid-action solution for sleep disorders, based on … Continue Reading →

snm honey

Loss Weight by Consuming Honey and Lemon Juice

Honey can also help in weight loss when consumed with warm water and lemon juice. Many people drink this formula as a start to their day as a way of … Continue Reading →


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