Our Children, Our Future

Parents mould the destinies of their children. A concerned parent sent in this. it will get you thinking again because it did get me doing more than that. There are … Continue Reading →

Single Mums; Enjoy Your Kids

  • By Ritty
  • 6 May, 2016
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Thank God it’s another fabulous Friday. Hope your week went less stressful than it usually is? Well, I realized that I am no Superwoman after all and my body can … Continue Reading →

Your Story, For God’s Glory

It’s been a wonderful journey these past years as I handle the Admin of Single Naija Mum. It’s been a privilege to have met, chatted and shared with a lot … Continue Reading →

How Well Do You Know Your Child(ren)?

As parents, we sometimes are so busy taking care of our children that we lose track of some of the details of their lives. This activity will help to make … Continue Reading →

How to Parent Based on Your Child’s Personality

  • By Lydia Fredrick
  • 5 April, 2014
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n Dr. Phil’s new book, Family First, he talks about your parenting style and whether it meshes or clashes with your child’s personality. The following is his advice for more … Continue Reading →

single dad

Are Single Fathers Irresistible To Women?

It is the winning formula Hugh Grant’s character hits on in the film “About A Boy”.When his hero, a ladies’ man, is ‘adopted’ by a 12-year-old boy, he discovers this makes him all the more … Continue Reading →

chika ike

Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike, Is Officially Unveiled The Brand Ambassador for Bullet Energy Drink

Nollywood Actress, Chika Ike, is officially unveiled recently as the Brand Ambassador for Bullet Energy Drink Nigeria. The official unveiling took place on March 25, 2014 in London in the presence … Continue Reading →


How To Cut Down Potential Stress Level

You’ll face much less stress when you wake in the morning, if you’ve prepared for the day the night before! By laying out tomorrow’s outfit or fixing tomorrow’s lunch, you’ll … Continue Reading →


We Were Soldiers Part 1

My father is mean. He wakes us up everyday at 5 in the morning. By us, I mean me, Bernard, Chika and our little sister Onyeka. My father wakes us … Continue Reading →

clarion 1

Clarion Chukwura Got Allegedly Paid N10m To Play “Apaye”

Clarion Chukwura (mother of Clarence Peters) recently featured in a movie, titled ‘Apaye’ (A Mother’s Love) produced by Emem Isong, founder of Royal Arts Academy and she reportedly got paid … Continue Reading →


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